God's Process

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Every bolt in a car's engine is there for a reason.  If you miss one bolt (process) the car will fall apart.  There is a process to follow to bake a cheesecake for example.   I tasted one that was made with salt instead of sugar by mistake and it was revolting.  There is a process to follow to become what you want to become.  In life there is a process for every single thing.  

We are living in a world that is luring everyone including children into negativity.  Allow your children to follow the process.   Processes often do get interupted.

Jesus came along and methodoligically started to follow a process to put our engines back together again because it fell apart.  The Lord has to remove bitterness even though it might be unpleasant.  God leads us through our processes.  

What you are going through right now is a process so that God can get you to where He wants you to be.  Dont focus on the end result,.  Focus on what God is doing right now.  God may need to strip you down.

Has God given you a vision of where He wants you to.  If not get involved with someone that has a vision.  Consider a person that has got worth and become like that person.   God created you to be you.  

Is your home falling apart but not falling apart at church?

Don't live up to other people's standards but up to God's standard.  

Dont be full of pride.  

God sets people free in a moment.  What is it that you are wanting from God.  If you are willing to let it go He will get involved,  

Genesis 6:22 - Noah did everything just as God commanded him

What are you waiting for from God.  Or have you given up?  You are simply a child of God and He wants to bless you.  Your time is coming,  You are beautiful in His sight,  It doesn't matter what you've done.