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Mary had a little Lamb

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Mary had a little Lamb

Written by Julie Steffers

I greet you all in Jesus name. I am titling my message “Mary had a little Lamb”

When people mention Mary had a little lamb the first thing that comes to mind is probably the nursery rhyme, which we are all so familiar with.

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I am a stander

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Written by Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. and submitted by Monica Kinnear

With the Lord’s grace, I save marriages for a living. Not I, but He through me. I teach marriage seminars, wrote a marriage book, lead Standers’ meetings, am a parent stander and more than three decades ago was the prodigal who left my husband for another man (we're now reconciled and about to celebrate our 35th!) I’m pretty familiar with this Standing business!

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You cannot afford not to tithe

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My tithing testimony

I know what it’s like not to have. I struggled. I was retrenched from 8 jobs. Not because I did something wrong but simply because the companies had to cut down on costs. I didn’t have anyone supporting me. At one stage I was living in a flat jobless surviving off UIF money.

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The Bible (You can actually believe it)

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The Bible (You actually can believe it)

Who of you have seen the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa? Do you know where to get one? Who of you actually own one? More people own Bibles than own the constitution. The constitution is the highest law in the country, yet most people in SA don’t own one. But most people own Bibles

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